Intro 3 (Ages 2+)

A parent or guardian may enter the water with their swimmer if they are younger than 4 years old, and still in the transitional period of working independently with the instructor.

  • ​Independently bobs underwater 10 times
  • Front floats without assistance
  • Back floats without assistance
  • Paddles with face in water 4yd
  • Elementary backstroke arms independently 4yd
  • Glides 5ft on front
  • Glides 5ft on back
  • Flutter kicks 5ft on front
  • Flutter kicks 5ft on back
  • Log rolls without assistance


Intro 2

(Ages 12 - 24months)
A parent or guardian is expected to be in the water with the child during the lesson.

• Blowing bubbles
• Getting face wet (bobs)
• Pancake flips onto front and back
• Prone float (assisted)
• Back float (assisted)
• Sit and jump into the pool
• Hold breath
• Turning and Anchoring to the wall
• Moving from instructor to accompanying adult
• Proper Exit

Level 3

  • Streamline flutter kicks underwater 7yd
  • Legal turns and pullouts for each stroke
  • Open turns
  • Backstroke 25yd
  • Freestyle w rhythmic breathing 25yd
  • Flutter kicks with kickboard 25yd
  • Breaststroke 15yd
  • Butterfly 15yd
  • Tread water 1min

UNDER2WITHYOU (Ages 6 - 24 months)

Intro 1

(Ages 6 - 18 months)
A parent or guardian is expected to be in the water with the child during the lesson.

• Exploring the water
• Intro to Spider Crawls along the edge of the pool
• Intro to Starfish back floats
• Water acclimation
• Intro to Starfish front floats
• Assisted sit and jump into the pool
• Proper Entry

Level 1

  • ​Streamline flutter kicks 4yd on front​

  • Streamline flutter kicks 4yd on back

  • Swims on front with roll breathing

  • Backstroke 7yd

  • Breaststroke arms and breathing 4yd

  • Streamline dolphin kicks 4yd

  • Whip kicks on back 4yd

                   Level 2

  • Streamline front flutter kick 7yd
  • Streamline back flutter kick 7yd
  • Backstroke 15yd
  • Freestyle with rotary breathing 15yd
  • Breaststroke w glide 7yd
  • Butterfly arms 4yd
  • Streamline dolphin kicks on front 7yd
  • Streamline dolphin kicks on back 7yd
  • Tread water 30sec
  • Whip kicks 4yd



Higher technical form training and overall refinement and conditioning instruction is available

Level 4

  • Freestyle with bilateral breathing 50yd
  • Flip turns
  • Backstroke 50yd
  • Butterfly 25yd
  • Breaststroke 25yd
  • 2min tread
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