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​Request Certified Lifeguards for Your Private Pool Party

Beginners2Swimmers provides professional, highly-experienced lifeguards to supervise your private pool party.

Release and Indemnification - I, by checking the above box, agree that swimming is a HAZARDOUS activity. There are risks inherent in the sport and recreational activity of swimming, including but not limited to, paralyzing injuries and death, and further agree that neither Beginners2Swimmers and/or any locale wherein Beginners2Swimmers is delivering lifeguarding on behalf of any entity, nor any employee, director or agent thereof shall be liable for any loss, damage, injury or claim of any kind to person or property arising from or caused by participation by myself or my child in swim activities including without limitation any loss, damage, injury or claim arising from any accident on any property or any location that I allow and agree for myself and/or my child to participate in said swim activities with Beginners2Swimmers. ​I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Beginners2Swimmers along with any other locale wherein Beginners2Swimmers is delivering lifeguarding on behalf of any entity, their agents and employees, against any and all liability for personal injury, including injuries resulting in death, or damage to property, or both, while employing Beginners2Swimmers' lifeguards. I further agree that I will not directly solicit the services of the lifeguard employed by Beginners2Swimmers and will not personally hire the lifeguard unless such placement is made through Beginners2Swimmers. I further agree I will not supply alcoholic beverages to Beginners2Swimmers' lifeguards before, during, and after any events in which I have retained Beginner2Swimmers' lifeguards to deliver services. I understand that all purchases are final and NO REFUND will be given under any circumstances.