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PAYMENT: The full amount for your swim package of eight lessons is due with your registration.  As a new session begins, and you decide to renew, another payment for eight lessons will be due on or before the first day of class. ​ ​

REFUND AND CREDIT POLICY: No cash refunds are given after payment is received.  If you withdraw from class, you will not receive a refund.  You will receive a credit for the amount you paid for the class.  All refunds will be issued in the form of a credit and may be applied toward future swim lessons; semi-private or private.  

CANCELLATION POLICY: 24-hour notification of cancellation is required by the swimmer’s parent and/or guardian. Notice may be given either by email or phone.  Please contact Beginners 2 Swimmers at 713.320.9705 or email 

IF 24-HOUR NOTICE IS NOT RECEIVED, NO CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN FOR THAT CLASS: If you will miss more then 3 consecutive weeks of swimming lessons (for whatever reason) Beginners 2 Swimmers has the right to give up your lesson time to another swimmer, if needed. A new time can be assigned (if available) upon return from the missed lessons.

AT-HOME LESSONS: If an instructor is scheduled to be at your home and they arrive to a pool that is not in teaching condition, no make up will be given. 

Pool conditions that may require a cancellation are unbalanced pool water, such as too little or no chlorine, high chlorine or the pool recently shocked, high or low ph levels, cloudy or green water preventing vision of the pool bottom and/or pool temperatures lower than 83 degrees in winter or fall lessons.  If the instructor feels the pool is not to teaching standards it is at their discretion to cancel that lesson. No other child shall be in the water while the at-home swimming lesson is being conducted. Beginners 2 Swimmers' instructors are not responsible for supervising any minor child around the residential pool area or ensuring any other child is water safe other than the swimmer to whom lessons are being delivered.

MAKE-UP POLICY: Make-ups are not scheduled for conflicts with other activities and/or vacations unless proper notice has been given as stated above.  If the teaching pool at a Beginners 2 Swimmers location is closed due to any reason, a make up lesson will be added to your account.

INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY:  It is at the discretion of the lifeguards and pool management to close the pool due to thunder, lightning or any other weather related issue.  It is at the lifeguard, pool management and instructor’s discretion as to whether or not to cancel or resume the scheduled class.  If the class is cancelled prior to the scheduled time, a full credit for a make up will be issued and scheduled.  If a class has been in session and either lightning is seen or thunder heard, the instructor will schedule a time to make up the remaining time of the portion missed.

​If you have questions or concerns about the weather, please email us at or call 713.320.9705 for status on openings and closures.


Swimming is only permitted while working with an instructor.

All students must be under the supervision of a parent/guardian while waiting for their lesson or after a lesson has been completed.  Parents are responsible for their children, before and after lessons.

Absolutely no dropping off of children to be picked up later.

During inclement weather, instructors may close the entire pool due to visual and safety limitations. Beginners2Swimmers maintains the right to refuse or revoke admission as a safety precaution.

Students may only enter the water at the beginning of the lesson and must exit at the conclusion of the lesson.

All students are required to shower prior to entering the pool.

Running, pushing, dunking, water fighting, chicken fights, hanging on the backs of other swimmers, breath-holding contests, hypoxic breathing, etc. are prohibited.

Training equipment that is provided by the Beginners2Swimmers is prohibited from leaving the aquatic areas. Equipment should be used in the manner in which it was designed for and returned to the proper location following use. To ensure safety, the instructor on duty must approve all outside equipment.

Spitting, blowing the nose or urinating/defecating in the pool is prohibited.

Use of the pool may be refused to anyone appearing to have a contagious or infectious condition, such as a cold, athlete’s foot, ringworm, boils or other skin infections.

Students’ belongings are prohibited from being in the offices, storage rooms, or maintenance areas, and on or under the lifeguard towers.

No pets are allowed in the pool facilities.

Hard balls and sharp edges on swimming accessories are strictly forbidden.

Swimming is a HAZARDOUS activity. There are risks inherent in the sport of swimming, including but not limited to, paralyzing injuries and death.